Gargoyles Season 3 Episode 8 - Genesis Undone


You will Watch Gargoyles Season 3 Episode 8 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Gargoyles Episode 73 Thailog and his Gargoyle clones are dying by slow petrification, due to some kind of fault in their DNA. A sympathetic Manhattan clan seeks out Dr. Sevarius to help them. Though Sevarious takes DNA samples from the clan to help heal the clones, he ends up using it to bring a new gargoyle to life, which he names Jr., after himself. Thailog, having originally made a deal with Servarious to leave the scientist in peace in exchange for a cure, uses the false serum on Anton Jr, petrifying him. Unfortunately, all of the clone clan petrify, with Servarious fleeing while the Manhattan clan can only hope to restore the clones one day.

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