Gate Keepers Episode 23 English Dubbed


Watch full Gate Keepers Episode 23 English Dubbed streaming online. Gate Keepers Episode 23 English dub online for free in HD. Call Forth the Courage to Fight!. With the A.E.G.I.S. base in total ruin, and the gate robot out of commission, there is little hope for Shun and the others to overcome Shadow’s power. To make matters worse, the New York Headquarters has decided to abandon the Far-East Branch with the hopes that its sacrifice will prevent further destruction. Shun and the others seek save haven in the only place they can repair the gate robot, Shun’s father’s workshop. Without a gate engine, the robot is totally useless. A startling discover pushes Shun to learn about the circumstances of his father’s death. The truth of his past may be the only hope that the Gate Keepers may have to win.

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