Get Backers Episode 28 English Dubbed


Stream anime episodes online for free, Watch Get Backers Episode 28 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter Get Backers Episode 28 English dubbed The Man Who Lost His Past Ban and Ginji are approached by a man, named Yuuji Takamura, who wants them to recover his memories. He explains that he lost his memories three months in the past when he and Midori, his girlfriend, drove their car over a cliff and into the ocean. The GetBbackers make their way to various locations in order to help Yuuji remember his past. Paul finds out that all of Yuuji's memeries, as told by Midori, are fabricated. As the GetBackers continue to drive around, they find Midori waiting for him. The GetBackers are asked by Midori to stop because some things are better left unremembered. They take Yuuji and Midori back to the ocean, the scene of the accident. And they drive Yuuji and Midori back to their house, they are immediately being pursued by a assassin, who uses a sniper in a nearby lighthouse. Yuuji gradually discovers his past, remembering the time before the accident. However, the recovery of the memories was by Ban's use of Jagan. Midori explains that she and Yuuji are spies working for a syndicate of the underworld. Yuuji and Midori wish to escape abroad and leave their old life behind. They leave for Europe the same night.

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