Glitter Force Episode 24 English Dubbed


You will Watch Glitter Force Episode 24 English Dubbed online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream anime Glitter Force Season 2 Episode 4 A Dicey Game Whilst fretting over their summer homework (with the exception of Chloe,) the girls stumble upon another of Brooha's inventions and get sucked into a game world. Discovering Brooha, Ulric and Brute had also been sucked into the same world, the girls are challenged to a series of games that they must complete in order to escape and finish their homework. First up, Emily goes against Brooha in a game of Whac-A-Mole and, despite facing unfair odds, manages to win. Next up, Kelsey faces Ulric in a go-kart race and manages to win despite Ulric's dirty tactics, followed by Lily managing to beat Brute at bowling. April then wins at baseball whilst Chloe succeeds in swimming. As they finally progress through the other events to the final stage, the girls are tasked with riding a Ferris Wheel Super Buffoon and trying to retain their positive attitude when faced with depressing visions of their lack of studies. Despite the others becoming depressed, Chloe retains her composure and manages to cheer everyone else up by offering to help them study. The girls then defeat the Buffoon and return to the real world, though still have to face the consequences of not finishing their homework on time.

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