Glitter Force Episode 37 English Dubbed


You will Watch Glitter Force Episode 37 English Dubbed online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream anime Glitter Force Season 2 Episode 17 The Miracle Jewel As Nogo's Egg is seen heading towards Earth, the Royale Clock suddenly transforms Candy into a strange gem. Meanwhile, Rascal, who identifies the gem as the Miracle Jewel, reveals to his cohorts that the black noses they have been using have been taking their life force. Realising they have no choice either way, Ulric, Brute and Brooha use the final black nose to transform themselves into super forms, overpowering the Glitter Force with their new power, even proving too powerful for their Princess Forms. The commanders explain how they were mistreated in the fairy tales they came from and joined up with Rascal to bring the world to a bad end in order to ease their suffering. As the girls try to understand their true feelings, Emily's power activates, bringing the commanders into her consciousness where she explains how she's always loved the villains in fairy tales and gives them her thanks. Purified of their negative energy, the commanders are transformed into their original forms, Jubiland fairies named Ururun, Onini and Majorin. Before the girls can claim the final Glitter Charm, Rascal steals it and combines it with negative energy to create evil clones of the girls, the Glitter Shadow Force.

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