Glitter Force Episode 38 English Dubbed


You will Watch Glitter Force Episode 38 English Dubbed online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream anime Glitter Force Season 2 Episode 18 The Shadow Force Rascal traps the girls into separate dimensions to fight against their evil counterparts whilst he targets Pop as he tries to escape with Candy. As Pop questions Rascal on what his motive, he reveals he intends to destroy the Miracle Jewel with Candy inside it, thus destroying all hopes and dreams. Just as Rascal attacks Pop, Euphoria appears from the Royal Clock, where she has been storing the last of her power. She reveals that Candy is her daughter, the Miracle Jewel revealed to be an egg to transform her into the next queen. Rascal soon starts feeding more negative energy to Nogo, turning the world into a desert. However, the girls refuse to give in despair and activate their hidden powers, defeating their clones and retrieving the final Glitter Charm. Just then, Rascal reveals that Nogo has been fully revived before dissolving into a puddle of black ink to complete the process as large giants made of despair appearing all over the place. As Pop places the last Charm into the Glitter Chest, the Miracle Jewel opens forth, awakening Candy in her new form.

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