Glitter Force Episode 39 English Dubbed


You will Watch Glitter Force Episode 39 English Dubbed online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream anime Glitter Force Season 2 Episode 19 The Queen of Jubiland As Candy awakens in her new form, Royal Candy, Euphoria, having expended her energy, disappears, leaving behind the Miracle Jewels to Candy, who is to be the new Queen of Jubiland, along with the Glitter Force Book containing the blank pages of everyone's future. As Candy attempts to suppress the giants, absorbing what was originally Rascal, the resurrected Nogo emerges in his true form and summons an army of dark beings, which continue to revive despite the girls' efforts. Nogo soon overwhelms the girls and splatters black paint on the Glitter Force Book, causing them to sink into a sea of despair. As Candy comes under assault from Nogo as she uses the power of the Miracle Jewels to call out to them, urging them not to give up, she manages to save the girls from losing hope. Nogo attempts to attack Candy after she has exhausted her power, returning to her fairy form, but the Cures stand in to protect her, ascending to their new Ultra Forms. With their new powers, the girls destroy Nogo's army and deal damage to Nogo. However, Nogo soon absorbs all the world's negative energy to transform into a huge dark vortex that threatens to engulf the entire planet.

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