Glitter Force Episode 40 English Dubbed


You will Watch Glitter Force Episode 40 English Dubbed online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream anime Glitter Force Season 2 Episode 20 Friends Forever The girls attempt to stop Nogo, but their attack fails as he strikes the Earth, undoing their transformation and petrifying their Smile Pacts whilst simultaneously destroying a large chunk of the planet. As Emily and the others scream their desires to protect their futures, their feelings grant the Miracle Jewels enough power to grant one more miracle. However, Pop informs them that if this wish is made, the power of the Mysterious Library will disappear and they will have to separate from Candy, which saddens Emily deeply. As the girls let out their emotions over not wanting to be separated, Candy asks them to think for themselves what is the most important thing to them, assuring them that no matter what happens, they'll always be best friends. Resolving to protect the future, the girls use the power of the Miracle Jewels to transform for the last time, using their combined power to defeat Nogo once and for all and restore the planet. With peace restored, Candy and Pop return to Jubiland, with the girls managing to see them off with a smile before bursting into tears. As the girls return to their everyday lives, Candy eventually finds a way to reunite with Emily and the others.

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