Go Jetters Episode 10 The Parthenon, Greece


You are going to Watch Go Jetters Episode 10 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Go Jetters Episode 10 Online The Parthenon, Greece. Grandmaster Glitch is watching a James Bond film and he loves it. He thinks the only bad thing is that he was not in it. He starts making a film at the Parthenon. The film is based on Glitch beating the Go Jetters. The Grimbots are dressed up as the Go Jetters and Ubercorn and they have a cardboard Vroomster. Glitch wants to make it better and he tricks the Go Jetters by pretending the Grimbler is broken. The Go Jetters come to help and when they are distracted the Grimbots take the Vroomster. They then race around in it and keep knocking into the Parthenon. The Go Jetters use GO Giant, GO Board and GO Grab to stop them. In the end Xuli tricks the Grimbots to press the red ejector button because they think it makes them go faster.

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