Golden Time Episode 13 English Subbed


Watch full Golden Time Episode 13 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Golden Time Episode 13 English sub streaming online. Summer Has Come. As Ghost Banri watches, Banri dreams about when he was in the hospital and met with Linda (whom he didn't remember at the time), and about the message he was supposed to "pass along to her friend". Later, the Festival Club gathers at the Awa dance festival and prepares to perform. Almost everyone is in a jovial mood, but Kōko is experiencing severe stage fright. She tries to run to the restroom, but Linda points out that she's been there about thirty times, and that her urge to urinate is a result of her nervous condition. The festival is about to start, so the other club members start to abandon Kōko where she sits. Linda then suggests they teach the first years about "that". "That" turns out to be the club performing a special dance as they circle around Kōko and Banri. Banri joins the circle, and soon Kōko does too. With everyone now ready, they successfully perform in the festival. Afterwards, Kōko and Banri enjoy the festival together and get ready to watch the fireworks. Ghost Banri watches nearby, lamenting that he still loves Linda and that Banri has rejected the feelings he left behind. He vows to become an evil spirit and curse Banri with unhappiness. It suddenly starts to rain, forcing Kōko and Banri to seek shelter. Later, Banri receives word that the Festival Club's camp has been cancelled. He reflects on how his summer activities have so far been cancelled or interrupted. He sees Kōko get out of a cab in front of his building, so he waits by the elevator to surprise her. As the doors open he does a "peek-a-boo" greeting. The occupant, however, turns out to be Nana, who punches him in the face and leaves him lying on the floor. Kōko (who ran up the stairs) arrives and announces she is going to make yakisoba for him. Banri is excited, but Kōko insists that he sit blindfolded with his hands in his pockets while she cooks. It turns out she is only feigning cooking, having actually brought pre-prepared yakisoba with her. The blindfold slips, allowing Banri to see what is really going on. Kōko is embarrassed, and insists it was all a joke. Later, on an evening walk, she admits that her family’s maid prepared the Yakisoba. They stop and sit in a park where they discuss Kōko possibly enrolling in culinary school and her family’s upcoming vacation to Barcelona. Kōko tries to kiss Banri, but he pulls back and walks away. Later, he wishes he could ask Kōko to not to go to Barcelona and stay with him. He sadly wonders if Kōko will leave him someday. A nearby Ghost Banri vows to make him even unhappier

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