Golden Time Episode 22 English Subbed


Watch full Golden Time Episode 22 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Golden Time Episode 22 English sub streaming online. Paradise Lost. Stunned by Kōko's words, Banri waits for Kōko where she had rejected him, hoping Kōko would come back. Hours pass and Banri meets Kōko's father, who drives Banri home. Along the way, Kōko's father reveals that she knows of Banri's anti-anxiety medication and that she asked him about the reasons someone would be taking them. Later Banri encounters Nana. Banri confides in her about his recent dilemma. The next day, encouraged by Nana's words, Banri plans to confront Kōko. Afterwards, Banri meets Kōko, who is in a cheerful mood and apologizes for the previous day. However, after meeting their friends, Kōko nonchalantly declares that she and Banri are broken up, much to the shock and bewilderment of Banri and the others. After Kōko lashes out, Chinami tells Banri that Kōko may have seen the clip of Banri's anxiety attack. Staying optimistic, Banri later informs Linda and the president of the Festival club of his breakup with Kōko. Banri and Linda argue. Banri reveals to Mitsuo his past relationship with Linda and apologizes for not telling him. Kōko then appears as she hands over a letter of resignation from the club to its president. Banri cuts her off, causing her to leave with Banri calling out to Kōko.

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