Golden Time Episode 24 English Subbed


Watch full Golden Time Episode 24 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Golden Time Episode 24 English sub streaming online. Golden Time. Upon losing his recent memories, Banri returns to his hometown. After fiddling with the notes he made for himself prior to the return of his former memories, Banri opens his e-mail account and discovers that someone has been sending e-mails to Kōko under his name. Linda and Banri seem to have returned to their easy friendship, with Linda spending Christmas with the Tada family. He contemplates Linda's reply to his feelings and the happenings that occurred between them since his accident. Kōko arrives at Banri's home. Banri first mistakes her for Chinami. Kōko hands Banri a DVD and his cracked mirror case, which Banri believes is Kōko's, and returns it to her. After asking for directions to the bridge where Banri fell, Kōko leaves. Going back into the house, Banri finds Kōko's unbroken mirror and realizes it isn't his, and his memories of Kōko come flooding back. As a result, Banri runs after Kōko to the bridge where he meets his conflicted former self. The latter then cross the bridge after Linda appears and gives her reply to his feelings with a "Yes" and hands Banri the ring he had dropped at the bridge days before. Afterwards, Banri embraces Kōko and the two recall their promise: that as long as they remember one another, the two will stay together for the rest of their lives. They profess their love for one another and Banri presents his ring to Kōko, which she gladly accepts. Meanwhile, it's revealed that Nijigen was responsible for sending Kōko the e-mails as Banri because he wouldn't abandon Banri as he had before at the cult compound. This motivates Kōko to not give up on Banri either. Taking advantage of Kōko's motivation, Chinami edited the recording Banri made of himself and burned it to a DVD, which she asked Kōko to deliver to Banri. While watching his recording, Banri thanks Kōko for being by his side. Banri later returns to Tokyo and attends university with his friends. His relationship with Kōko is still intact. Mitsuo and Linda are shown flirting while Kōko and Banri kiss with Kōko wearing the ring Banri gave her.

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