Gravedale High Episode 5 The Dress-Up Mess-Up


You are going to Watch Gravedale High Episode 5 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Gravedale High Episode 5 Online The Dress-Up Mess-Up. The students raise money to buy Mr. Schneider a reservation at an expensive restaurant as part of a birthday present, but Duzer persuades Cleofatra to lend her the money in a plot to buy an expensive dress, win the Gravedale Fashion Show, and return the dress to get the money back. When Natasha Neckinski's "mongoose stole" is revealed as instead a living "stolen mongoose," the snakes in Duzer's hair are frightened into fleeing dragging Duzer with them and ruining the dress. Duzer gets various jobs to raise enough money to pay for the expensive restaurant including one at a western-themed restaurant.

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