Grisaia no Rakuen Episode 8 English Subbed


You are going to Watch Grisaia no Rakuen Episode 8 English subbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime The Eden of Grisaia Episode 8 Online English sub The Seed of Blanc Aile IV. On the day of their operation, the girls make their final preparations; Makina rents a hotel suite where she prepares her sniping position, Michiru meets up with a member of Yuuji's organization and picks up a "toy" that Thanatos requested, Sacchi goes to the grocery store and buys ingredients to make non-explosive smoke bombs and Yumiko discusses their plans with Thanatos. Meanwhile, in a military base in Okinawa, Milliela Stanfield, now a pilot, seduces her fellow pilot in a toilet and steals his uniform. By sunset, the operation begins as Yuuji is being transferred to Akasaka to await trial. The armored car carrying Yuuji is attacked by Oslo's men who kidnap him after killing the soldiers and strap a bomb on his wrist that is set to detonate in six hours or if his vitals weaken. Makina then causes a distraction on the road takes out their cars' engines with anti-tank bullets. As they unload Yuuji, Sacchi uses her hand-made smoke bombs to blind them allowing her knock them out with ease as she is wearing a gas mask to cover her nose and eyes. As backup arrives for Oslo's men, Amane arrives as well and drives them all, along with Makina and Michiru, through the route she was taught and eventually out of the city.

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