Hakushaku to Yousei Episode 11 English Subbed


Watch full Hakushaku to Yousei Episode 11 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Hakushaku to Yousei Episode 11 English sub streaming online. The Two Blue Knight Earls. Lydia and Paul arrive in Fairy World where there, strangely, are two moons and begin following a trail of amber leading to the Banshee. Lydia switches places with the Banshee when summoned by Ulysses. There she finds Edgar who takes Ulysses's gun as he advances on Lydia. (Disguised as the Banshee) An accidental fire hits Ulysses as "Jimmy" jumps at Edgar in an attempt to disarm him. Edgar's injury becomes apparent to Lydia after they narrowly escape the hounds and he collapses moments before they appear in a shield of blue light surrounded by snow. Ulysses discovers Paul and realizes that Lydia had been impersonating the Banshee. As the hounds go in for Lydia and the defenseless Edgar, Kelpie jumps in and saves them. Ulysses throws the amber painting in the fire, but it does not burn. Paul is attacked by Ulysses's minions as the Banshee is led away. Edgar tells Lydia once more that he loves her and wants a kiss before he dies. Instead she refuses, saying that that sort of thing can be done when they are safely at home. Just then Ermine appears telling them she will lead the way to the exit.

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