Harmonquest Episode 10 Earthscar Village


You are going to Watch Harmonquest Episode 10 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Harmonquest Episode 10 Online Earthscar Village. The Manticore has crossed over from its dimension, and making its way back to Earthscar Village to tear open a new portal between worlds. As the party watches the Manticore fly off into the distance, they discover the runestones were left behind. They take them and use them to open another portal which takes them back to Earthscar, ahead of the Manticore. As they exit the portal they find themselves face to face with Fondue's father, Chadge (Matt Gourley), who joins the group, hoping to make up for abandoning Fondue as a child. They search the village to warn the chief, as Chadge regales them with war stories of questionable truth. Reaching the village square, they discover that an elf named Tedder Spice (Nathan Fillion) has replaced the original Orcish chief. The party warns Tedder of the Manticore's plans, who joins the group in searching for the original chief, Sandy Michael, who knew more about the power of the runestones. Chadge is hesitant to seek him out at first since he owes the old chief $6000, but they seek him out anyway...

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