Harmonquest Episode 2 The Stone Saw Mines


You are going to Watch Harmonquest Episode 2 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Harmonquest Episode 2 Online The Stone Saw Mines. Fondue, Boneweevil, and Beor reach the Stone Saw Mines, only to find them in severe disrepair and ruin. They meet up with the dwarven monk Deepak Chopra (Chelsea Peretti) at the entrance to the mines, the lone survivor of an attack by one of the arcane horrors unleashed by the Demon Seal. Deepak leads them through caverns of the mines, sharing with the party her desire for revenge against the villains who slaughtered her village. Along the way they survive encounters with skeletons and ghosts, ride through the mines in a minecart, and discussion is made of Fondue's own issues with cowardice, neuroticism, and abandonment. In time the party reaches a volcanic forge, where they procure new equipment, including a hefty short-sword for Beor, a golden rapier for Boneweevil, a shank for Deepak, and a new bastard sword for Fondue. Just as they do so, one of the abominations manifests itself in the room with the party, and assumes demonic control over Deepak's body. The newly possessed monk assaults the party, leading Fondue to abandon them and retreat (Making the excuse that it's "character development") only for Deepak to give chase. Beor catches up to the bedeviled dwarf and impales her on her newly accrued short sword, killing her and the demon within as well. Soon after, the party discovers a mine shaft elevator. It takes them out of the mines back into the daylight, to find the port town of Freshport just ahead.

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