Harmonquest Episode 4 Across the Dernum Sea


You are going to Watch Harmonquest Episode 4 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Harmonquest Episode 4 Online Across the Dernum Sea. To escape the guards at Freshport, Fondue, Boneweevil, and Beor stow away onto a passing trade vessel. The party remains out of sight, but grows hungry after several days of being hidden. Driven by their hunger, they venture above in search of food, only to immediately give their position away to the ship's crew after an incompetent attempt at stealth by Beor. After some confusion, they are eventually greeted by the ship's captain, revealed to be the famed buccaneer Ribs Sanchez. (Ron Funches) The party takes an instant liking to Ribs, who welcomes them aboard as his guests after some smooth-talking by the charismatic Boneweevil. Their newfound friendship is interrupted however, when a gang of adaro arrives to take over the ship. Boneweevil soaps up the side of the ship so the adaro can't climb onto it, with some success, but several still make it onto the deck of the boat. Battle ensues between the party (with Ribs and his crew assisting) and the adaro, but is interrupted by the arrival of Vortheon and his dark vessel, which crashes into the side of Ribs' ship, causing the adaro to retreat in a panic. As Vortheon summons the second arcane horror to attack the party, Beor hides her necklace, which contains the third runestone, after some panicked commanding by Fondue. (Who implores her to put it in her ass.) The party then does battle with the abomination, who very nearly kills Ribs, but is ultimately struck down by a strategically placed stab from Boneweevil's rapier. This does nothing to stop Vortheon however, who ensnares the party in magical bindings, and telekinetically procures the third runestone from Beor's off-screen hiding place. The group (Save for Ribs, who is allowed to go free because he had nothing to do with them.) is led onto Vortheon's ship which sails en route to Manoa.

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