Harmonquest Episode 7 The Doorest of Fores


You are going to Watch Harmonquest Episode 7 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Harmonquest Episode 7 Online The Doorest of Fores. The party has made it to the Doorest of Fores, but lack a sense of direction among the rows and rows trees with doors in them. Scouting ahead, the group runs across a strange, tiny man named Dildo Bogpelt (Thomas Middleditch), who befriends them and agrees to help them navigate the Doorest, and seek out its guardian, Clarence. Along the way they run into multiple riddles and puzzles in the woods, before making their way to the center of the Doorest. In the center they find Clarence, the guardian of the woods, manifested as an anthropomorphic flower, and later an ent. Clarence assigns the party a series of trials of self-discovery, each of which they pass easily, causing Clarence's physical form to crumble. He congratulates them on realizing they are true heroes, and clears a path to their next destination. Before they make their way, Dildo disappears leaving only a trace of pipe smoke, leaving the party to enter the Dragon's Temple on their own.

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