HarmonQuest Season 2 Episode 4 - Into the Abyss


Watch full HarmonQuest Season 2 Episode 4 full HD online. Cartoon video HarmonQuest Episode 14 online for free in HD. Still threatened by the destruction of Bonebreak Village, Boneweevil notices that Charles has uncharacteristically failed to answer the dragon whistle call. As the demons get closer to the stranded party, they notice through the maelstrom a humanoid figure with large molars all about his body and tooth enamel and gums for skin. Boneweevil recognizes another of his Demon Realm friends, the toothbeast Sensodyne (Paul Scheer), as he uses his longflail weapon to dispatch several tormentor demons singlehandedly. Boneweevil gets his attention and easily enlists his help in getting to the Abyss, but Sensodyne brings them all first to collect supplies and weapons at his friend Edgar’s hut. Arriving at the hut, they find Edgar brutally murdered and various effects scattered about the scene: three stat-boosting talismans of unknown property, a bag of coins, and a magical-looking stick. Everything else of Edgar's is missing. The regulars each take a talisman and Sensodyne snatches up the stick which he snaps in two, releasing a large tree-like spirit. The spirit unceremoniously leaves, its purpose unknown. Deciding that time is wasted investigating Edgar’s death, the four continue to the Abyss. Upon arriving, the four notice a mysterious pool of abysmal liquid swirling about the dim ceiling. Fondue loses his talisman while examining it. They are soon met by the Caretaker of the Abyss, in the form of a smartly dressed humanoid rabbit with demonic eyes and a top-hat. He seems only mildly annoyed and, frankly, bored by Fondue’s demands for assistance in returning to the Earthly Realm. The Caretaker waves around the idea of a death challenge to pass through the Abyss, leaving the type of challenge up to the party. Sensodyne suggests bar trivia, which appeals to the rest. At the Caretaker’s beckoning, the Abyss forms a dark, oily tavern around the five of them. The party ultimately loses the trivia challenge, but, in the studio, Spencer suddenly realizes that they hadn’t agreed on what the Caretaker would get if he won, so the Caretaker agrees to a stalemate based on faulty parameters. The party seize the opportunity to half-suggest, half-force a new challenge: scroll reading. Fondue feigns a doomed attempt to read Celti’s unintelligible scroll. The Caretaker plays along and reads the scroll himself out loud, prompting the scroll to pulsate with energy and disintegrate, with no discernable effect on the Caretaker. With the scroll now wasted and the Caretaker accurately insulting the party’s intelligence, an aggravated Fondue attempts to plunge his knife through the Caretaker’s mouth. The knife strikes true, but seems to phase through the rabbit’s head as if he weren’t there. The abysmal tavern disappears around them and the form of the Caretaker rises, inverts, and stands upside-down on the surface of the Abyss above them, which is now clearly defined and reflective. The party take notice of the Caretaker’s reflection which looks only slightly different from the entity they have been dealing with. Remembering the spirit Spencer’s advice, Boneweevil leaps up using his Boots of Mad Hops to beat the gravity well of the Abyss and breaks the surface, grabbing the ankle of the “reflection” of the Caretaker with his own mortal goblin hands. Fondue and Beor use her Barbarian Rage to do the same and drag the true Caretaker from the Abyss and onto equal footing with the party. They each take turns slapping, punching, and beating the Caretaker to a bloody pulp. The Caretaker attempts to defend himself with abysmal tentacles from above, but Beor throws Sensodyne, armored by his skin of enamel, directly into the Caretaker’s face. As he smashes past, Sensodyne uses his remaining momentum and his longflail to swing back around and deal a spectacular vital strike - also to the Caretaker’s face - causing his head to finally explode. As the body of the Caretaker shrivels and crumbles, gravity suddenly inverts and the party begin falling rapidly upwards through the eternal darkness of the Abyss toward what they can only assume is the Earthly Realm.

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