Hero: 108 Season 2 Episode 2 The Rise of Lin Chung Part 2


Watch full Hero: 108 Season 2 Episode 2 full HD online. Cartoon video Hero: 108 Episode 54 online for free in HD. The Rise of Lin Chung Part 2. During a battle with the Firefly Army, Lin Chung has visions about his old master Tien Kwan, telling him to complete his training. After the battle, Lin Chung leaves First Squad and HighRoller goes to talk with his own master, Twin Masters. Tien Kwan teaches Lin Chung to discover and use new powers called "Harmonic Energy". After that, he goes to help his friends and Second Squad member Kowloon (who was filling in for him) against HighRoller, who has once again captured Commander ApeTrully. After Command ApeTrully is freed, Twin Masters appears and throws HighRoller far away for his failures and throws a negative energy ball inside the volcano making it erupt. Lin Chung realizes that he must use his new power to turn the negative into positive energy, and uses this knowledge to stop the volcano, turning it into a large purple crystal. Commander ApeTrully and Mr. No Hands decide that Lin Chung should be the new leader of First Squad. In the end, Twin Masters talks to himself about his future plans.

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