Horrible Histories 2001 Episode 19-20 Awesome Egyptians / Perilous Plagues


Watch full Horrible Histories 2001 Episode 19-20 online full HD online. Cartoon video Horrible Histories 2001 Episode 19-20 online for free in HD. Awesome Egyptians. Stitch and Mo have to find a way to defeat Darren and his snowball-launcher in the simplest of ways. The narrator zaps them to Ancient Egypt where they meet Tutankhamen. King Tut orders them to find a place for the party of the great flood. But his adviser Amun-Ramen get jealous at them and tries to get rid of them! Perilous Plagues. Stitch is afraid to get his shot, so he and Mo gets zapped to Italy where the Bubonic Plague is spreading! Will Stitch learn his lesson why getting medicine is important?

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