Horrible Histories 2009 Season 2 Episode 2


Watch full Horrible Histories 2009 Season 2 Episode 2 full HD online. Cartoon video Horrible Histories 2009 Episode 15 online for free in HD. Putrid Pirates: Captain Basil Hood quickly regrets stealing a herd of seasick cows. "Historical Hospital": The ship's carpenter steps in to perform an amputation. Woeful Second World War: World War II Art Show: Magician Jasper Maskelyne helps the Allies hide military installations. Wrapping children in brown paper for warmth leads to a postal mix-up. Groovy Greeks: Stupid Deaths: Heraclitus. Evil-Spirit-Preventing-Door-Frame-Tar (advertisement). The Oracle of Delphi predicts Aeschylus' death. Slimy Stuarts: Oliver Cromwell bans Christmas celebrations--among many other things. Awful Egyptians: Historical Desktops: Cleopatra courts Mark Antony via social network. Gorgeous Georgians: HHTV Sport: Ex-slave Bill Richmond revolutionises boxing. Parents tour a boarding school during a violent pupil rebellion.

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