Horrible Histories 2009 Season 2 Episode 4


Watch full Horrible Histories 2009 Season 2 Episode 4 full HD online. Cartoon video Horrible Histories 2009 Episode 17 online for free in HD. Gorgeous Georgians: Legendary Admiral Horatio Nelson turns out to be a trifle less than physically impressive. HHTV News: The public execution of escape artist Jack Sheppard. Measly Middle Ages: "Historical Hospital": A European physician and Arabian healer (special guest star Alexi Sayle) clash over treatment philosophies. Stupid Deaths: Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford. Incredible Incas: Historical Shopping Channel: Inca Hour. "Stay Calmer When You Want to Harm a Llama" (advertisement). Vile Victorians: Scary Stories: "The Cabinet of Mystery". A con-artist sells tapeworm traps. Pioneering epidemologist John Snow refuses to endorse the 'health benefits' of New! Victorian Beer (advertisement). Groovy Greeks: HHTV Sport: Live from the Siege of Troy--Paris vs Achilles. Dodgy War Machines No. 14: Elephant warfare (animated). Woeful Second World War: Winston Churchill plans D-Day late into the night, much to the dismay of his secretary and a general.

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