Horrible Histories 2009 Season 4 Episode 8


Watch full Horrible Histories 2009 Season 4 Episode 8 full HD online. Cartoon video Horrible Histories 2009 Episode 45 online for free in HD. Vicious Vikings: A 'gorgeous scientist' extols the "Wonders of the Viking Universe". Historical Dates: A Nordic warrior outlines his courting and marriage requirements. Rotten Romans: Nero provides typically disastrous disaster relief to the victims of the Great Fire of Rome. Video game: Scorpus Chariot Racer. Nasty Knights: Stupid Deaths: Richard the Lionheart. A Crusader prepares new recruits for the exotic monsters they might encounter in the Holy Land. New! Mellified Man: a mummy in honey that's yummy! (advertisement). Gorgeous Georgians: "Historical Apprentice": Viscount 'Turnip' Townshend (special guest Chris Addison) and his Team Whig vie with peasant Team Go Wurzel to negotiate the agricultural revolution. Groovy Greeks: Interpreting messages from the gods. Shouty Man: New! Ancient Greek Tattoo Messenger. Terrible Tudors: The "Historical Dentist" suggests some genuinely disgusting painkillers. HHTV Behind the Throne: Interview with Sir Thomas Heneage, Henry VIII's Groom of the Stool.

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