Horrible Histories 2009 Season 5 Episode 9


Watch full Horrible Histories 2009 Season 5 Episode 9 full HD online. Cartoon video Horrible Histories 2009 Episode 58 online for free in HD. Slimy Stuarts: Plague victim finder recruitment comes with some built-in occupational hazards. Charles II's attempt to discourage anti-government plotters leads to some difficulty in securing a hot beverage. Rotten Romans: A 'handsome scientist' extols the "Wonders of the Roman Universe". The Battle of Drepanum hinges on the fate of a sacred--and not incidentally seasick--chicken. Measly Middle Ages: The experts of "Middle Ages Antiques Roadshow" assess the value of a well-travelled lump of medicinal metal (parody of Antiques Roadshow). Creating your own miracles is easy with the Middle Ages Magic Set (advertisement). Terrible Tudors: Lord Stanley literally waits to the last minute to decide who to fight for at the Battle of Bosworth Field. Awful Egyptians: "Historical Wife Swap": Pharaoh Rameses II and Queen Nefertari swap with a peasant family. Vile Victorians: Thomas Edison makes an essential--if rather surprising--improvement to the new telephone. Photographic Monthly Chronicle: Pioneering photographer William Henry Fox Talbot shares his tips for a great photo, including neck irons; post-mortem photography, the latest craze in remembering the dead. Savage Stone Age: Words We Get From the: Stone Age. A cave couple are hopeful of a more permanent home in "A Historical Place in the Sun" (parody of A Place in the Sun).

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