Hundred Episode 3 English Dubbed


Watch full Hundred Episode 2 English Dubbed streaming online. Hundred Episode 2 English dub online for free in HD. Variant Awakening Claire, Liddy and Erica then take Hayato and Emile to a special private room, where dozens of other people are working. The current situation shows that they are presently tracking three Savages on Zwei Islands. At first, Claire was comtemplating on deploying Emile and Hayato, but after receiving the shocking reports on just merely one of the Savages, she refuses as they have no experience just yet even though they have Charlotte's recommendation. However, Charlotte says that LIZA, the main machine and power source of the Little Garden agrees that Hayato and Emile should join them. At this, Claire reconsiders and finally gives her approval. They then prepare to deal with the Savages. Claire, Liddy and Erica finish off the first Savage first. Hayato and Emile then take on the next one and manage to defeat it by working together. However, the third Savage, the Trenton-class one and also the strongest one, proves to be more of a challenge, injuring Liddy and Erica badly. Hayato and Emile want to help, but Claire goes alone to beat it. She fires a strong blow at it, but it counters with its own. Claire prepares for another, but a beep from her wristband warns her that she does not have enough energy. As the Savage fires another deadly attack, she is saved by Hayato, and managed to deflect the third blow with his help. Emile then lunges in to break its core, but her clothes are ripped by its heavy claw, revealing a thin scar and large breasts. The sight of the scar then triggers a distant memory in Hayato, and he remembers a girl with long white hair like Emile's, wearing a dress and bleeding profusely from a wound in her chest, a wound that was leaking with yellowish-green poison, the poison of a Savage. And then there was him, crying, and trying to suck out the poison. With a start he then realises that Emile really wasn't a boy, or called Emile for that matter. With a cry, he rushes in to save his childhood friend, Emilia Hermit. Hayato releases his Variant powers in the process, and defeats the Savage, and collapses but his lifted up by Emilia. She is then confronted by Claire, who is shocked at finding out that Emilia was originally just posing as a boy but was really a girl. In the end, she reluctantly agrees to keep Emilia's true identity a secret, but requests that Hayato and Emilia change rooms. However, her warning falls on deaf ears as she stumbles into the room to find her and Hayato kissing. As Hayato gets up with a start, he trips over Emilia's foot and stumbles towards Claire, kissing her in the process. This angers Emilia and a kissing match begins.

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