Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 20 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 20 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 20 Online English dub Baffling Turn × Of × Events Gon wakes up, and finds himself being congratulated by Satotz for being the first person to pass the Hunter Exam. Gon asks Satotz if the Exam was still going on, and Satotz tells him that it's over. Satotz explains the events that occurred while he was unconscious. Hisoka and Kurapika engage in a short fight during which Hisoka whispers something to Kurapika, and promptly surrenders. In the next round Hanzo forces Pokkle to surrender. Bodoro is beaten by Hisoka. Hisoka whispers into Bodoro's ear which convinces Bodoro to surrender. Killua forfeits the next round because he thinks fighting Pokkle would not interest him. Leorio asks to postpone the next round until Bodoro is in a proper shape to fight. Killua then fights Gittarackur, who is revealed to be Killua's brother Illumi following his facial transformation from the previous phase of the exam. After a tense conversation in which Illumi kills an examiner and threatens to kill Gon, Killua surrenders and falls into a depressed state. The next round between Leorio and Bodoro finally commences, but Killua interrupts it by killing Bodoro and disqualifying himself. Gon then heads to the New Hunter orientation to confront Illumi.

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