Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 25 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 25 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 25 Online English dub Can't See × If × You're Blind Kikyo confides in Gotoh, the family butler, how emotionally distraught she is over Killua leaving again. With his father's approval, Killua makes his way to the butler's quarters. He instructs Gotoh to let him know the moment Gon and the other arrive. Gotoh complies, but internal dialogue reveals he has other intentions. Canary guides Gon and his friends to the butler office. There, they meet the butler Gotoh, who challenges them to a coin game so he can determine if they are worthy of being Killua's friends. Leorio and Kurapika are disqualified for guessing the wrong hand, leaving only Gon to play the next round. After winning the game and reuniting with Killua, Gon now looks ahead to his next objective. He refuses to use his Hunter's License until he can return Hisoka's number badge. Kurapika reveals that he knows where to find Hisoka and that Hisoka has information about the Phantom Troupe. Leorio and Kurapika leave the group to pursue their own goals. Gon and Killua decide to spend their time training. Everyone agrees to meet again September 1 in Yorknew City.

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