Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 36 English Dubbed


Watch full Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 36 English Dubbed streaming online. Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 36 English dub online for free in HD. A Big Debt × And × A Small Kick Gon gives Hisoka his badge after he hits him in the face as part of their prior agreement. Hisoka explains the types of aura by their personality to distract Gon while using his bungee gum on him. The two keep fighting, with Hisoka using the bungee gum to take control of Gon's movements. Hisoka wins the match because of his technique and a referee that awarded points to end the battle before Gon got seriously injured. He praises Gon for his progress and warns him that they will fight again, but in the real world where their lives are on the line. Killua and Gon bid farewell to Wing and Zushi as they depart to visit Gon's aunt on Whale Island, finally leaving Heavens Arena behind.

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