Hyakko Episode 10 English Subbed


Watch full Hyakko Episode 10 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Hyakko Episode 10 English sub streaming online. A Wing for a Tiger. When Tōma is passing away her time on the top of the school building, Torako approaches her and tries to have a talk. Tōma, however, rejects and makes a statement that she dislikes Torako, while Torako thinks Tōma is too boring. Later, Tōma encounters Torako's friends in school and she decides with certainty that all of them are strange in one way or another. In another day on the top of the school building, she looks back upon the past when she met Torako in Kamizono High School as a visiting middle school student and made their friendship. In the afternoon, Torako invites Tōma for a lunch along with Ayumi, Suzume, and Tatsuki and Tōma is surprised at how easily she blended into the group.

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