Hyakko Episode 11 English Subbed


Watch full Hyakko Episode 11 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Hyakko Episode 11 English sub streaming online. Escape from the Tiger's Mouth. When a colleague has to rush home to care for a sick child, their teacher in charge of class 1-6 during Home Room time declares they should do their own revision, which moves to the gym to get an early start on the next period's PE class. Meanwhile, Yanagi and friends kibbutz from the balcony, with Yanagi hoping to get easily marketed photos of the girls in their gym clothes. The time in the gym turns into a deadly game of dodge ball, with most of the class laid out by brutal throws to the face. To bring peace, Torako suggests trial by champion; Suzume vs. Teacher in charge of class 1-6.

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