Hyakko Episode 7 English Subbed


Watch full Hyakko Episode 7 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Hyakko Episode 7 English sub streaming online. A Fox Finally Meets a Tiger / A Fox That Provoked the Tiger's Wrath. Koma and Yanagi are hiding in bushes and taking photographs of students secretly. Meanwhile, Kitsune decides to help them out and pulls a skirt prank on Ayumi, so that Koma and Yanagi can take 'better' photographs of her. Then the three students encounter Shishimaru, who wants to have photographs of Torako, but he thinks taking photographs without the consent of the subject is a despicable act. The three comes out of bushes and politely asks Torako for photograph. Suddenly, Torako is surprised to see Kitsune, who turns out to be her brother. In the second part of the episode, Torako complains to her friends about all the bad memories she had with her brother in the past. On the next day, Kitsune brings Shishimaru to Torako's lunch. Kitsune decides to pull another prank on Torako by secretly putting a whole bottle of spice in Torako's ramen, which forces Torako to switch her meal with Shishimaru, bringing an unintended effect on their relationship.

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