Inazuma Eleven Season 2 Episode 31 English Subbed


Watch full Inazuma Eleven Season 2 Episode 31 English Subbed full HD online. Inazuma Eleven Episode 57 English Subbed online for free in HD. The Miraculous Team! The Chaos!!. At the beginning of the episode, it shows that all of the Raimon are in Teikoku grounds when a soccer ball appeared. It created a fog and when it cleared up, Gazel and Burn was shown and declaring themselves as "Chaos" to tell the Raimon to have a fight with them to prove who is best in the universe and with that Natsumi, Kino and Otonashi went to tell Coach Hitomiko about the challenge in two days at Teikoku stadium.Kidou is giving out orders about the training before the match with The Chaos begun (in which in their time is tomorrow). Endou, Domon and Kidou are going to strengthen Death Zone 2, Tachimukai, Tsunami will continue to work on Mugen The Hand and for the others will work on their formation centering around Gouenji and Aphrodi.And their training begun.The first scene of their training starts off with Tachimuukai and Tsunami. Tsunami used Tsunami Boost. Tachimuukai stood on his ground as he thinks of what Tsunami told him earlier. He claps his hand and a blue hand (similar to God Hand) appeared in front of him but was shattered in pieces and Tachimuukai was sent to the goal along with the ball. He threw the ball back to Tsunami and their training continues with and sound of Tsunami saying "Tsunami Boost". The tree girls are watching them train while Fubuki stood afar.Endou, Domon and Kidou practiced Death Zone 2 while the others are practicing with Gouenji and Aphrodi...

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