Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 28 English Subbed


Watch full Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 28 English Subbed full HD online. Inazuma Eleven Episode 95 English Subbed online for free in HD. Desperate! Inazuma Japan Defeated!?. The Empire manages to dribble through Inazuma Japan's defences; making quick passes that surprise Inazuma Japan's defenders, for The Empire was known to be a defensive team. Leone shoots Hellfire, and Tachimukai tries to stop it with Mugen The Hand G5, but fails. Aki notes that it should have been expected that The Empire would also have a good offense, for they could not have won all their matches with offence alone. Megane says that since The Empire's defense was so great, their offense ended up not getting as much attention.Inazuma Japan starts with a kickoff. Gordo Díaz uses Zigzag Flame, and steals the ball from Someoka. With The Empire back on the offense, the Inazuma Japan players are pushed back. Leone gets the ball again, and uses Hellfire. Tachimukai tries to use Maou The Hand, but it is incomplete, and The Empire scores.Hiroto passes the ball to Gouenji, but the ball is stolen from him. Kazemaru, determined not to let the ball get to Leone, kicks the ball out of bounds. However, this results in an injury in Kazemaru's leg, and he cannot continue to play. Tachimukai feels it's his fault, because he couldn't block The Empire's shoots. Kurimatsu joins the defense, replacing Kazemaru, and Tobitaka moves up as midfielder.With Hiroto as the captain, the match resumes. Kurimatsu quickly gets the ball, but it's stolen from him and passed to Leone. As Leone advances, Tachimukai worries on what to do. Mugen The Hand doesn't work, and Maou The Hand is incomplete. But Tobitaka tells him not to be afraid, that it's okay to mess up, as long as he gives everything he has. Tachimukai thinks about this. Leone jumps up and shoots Hellfire, and Tachimukai manages to stop it with Maou The Hand...

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