Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 34 English Subbed


Watch full Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 34 English Subbed full HD online. Inazuma Eleven Episode 101 English Subbed online for free in HD. Duel! Tiger and Hawk!!. Firstly, after practicing, the Inazuma Japan members receive letters from their friends and family from their hometown. They received some letters from Midorikawa, and surprisingly a really long letter from Saginuma to which they just showed a funny expression when they read it. Also Tobitaka received a note and photo of his friends encouraging him to which he smiled. Finally, Toramaru received a letter but he looked pale when he read it. During the practice, he couldn't concentrate to which the other members suggested him to concentrate to which he answered with an angry reply and stormed off. At night, Endou decided to talk to him about his problem, surprisingly, Tobitaka said he'll talk to Toramaru instead. Toramaru, outside was still worried about the letter he received and was surprised that Tobitaka came to talk to him to which Toramaru stated that Tobitaka wouldn't understand his situation though after some talking, Toramaru stated what the letter he contained stated. Apparently his mother's sickness is worse than before and Toramaru is feeling guilty because he is faraway from his mother. Tobitaka gave some advice and Toramaru smiled and removed his tears. The next day, Toramaru learns a new hissatsu called RC Shoot.

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