Jubei Chan The Ninja Girl Episode 1 English Dubbed


Watch Jubei Chan The Ninja Girl Episode 1 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter Jubei Chan The Ninja Girl Episode 1 English dubbed It Melted Somewhere on Earth, Three hundred years ago, Yagyu Jubei fights Kita Ressai, the leader of the Northen Yagyu that has been eliminated by the Edo Yagyu. In the ensuing battle, Kita Ressai along with Jubei's wife and daughter were swallowed and drown in the ice. In the present day, Jiyu Nanohana encounters a strange child holding the Lovely Eyepatch and tries to give her. After fleeing away from the child, Jiyu meets a young transfer student named Freesia. She takes Freesia to her home just in time to be attacked by Kita Furo and the Siberian Yagyu. The strange child appears and swiftly sticks the Eyepatch on Jiyu, transforming her into Jubei II. The battle ends in her favor, but then a mysterious swordwoman appears and attacks her.

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