Justice League Season 1 Episode 25 The Savage Time Part 2


You will Watch Justice League Season 1 Episode 25 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Justice League Episode 25 The Savage Time The Justice League return from a mission in space to find the world transformed - a result of supervillain Vandal Savage feeding information to his younger self in the 1940s, allowing him to help take over the world during World War II. The Justice League travel back in time themselves to stop him, and fight Nazis alongside DC Comics' WWII-era heroes (including Easy Company, the Blackhawks, and a Steve Trevor somehow merged with the WWII "mystery man" Tarantula). There is also an homage paid to Marvel Comics' original Human Torch, as Superman flies through an exploding plane and is covered in flames for a few moments. Batman is the only member not involved in this mission -- his time-altered counterpart, a Resistance leader, aids the League in hope that this will keep the Nazis from murdering his parents. The tale closes with Wonder Woman finding Steve Trevor in a veterans' home, giving him one last visit from his "Angel".

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