Justice League Season 2 Episode 19 Hereafter Part 1


You will Watch Justice League Season 2 Episode 19 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Justice League Episode 45 Hereafter A band of supervillains team up to get revenge on Superman. When they attack Metropolis, Toyman shoots from an experimental weapon towards Batman and an injured Wonder Woman, but Superman sacrifices himself to save them and is seemingly vaporized. The League attempts to cope with the loss of Superman by defending Metropolis in his absence. Eventually Lobo arrives at the Watchtower and nominates himself as Superman's replacement, but does more harm than good. Superman wakes up 30,000 years in Earth's future, and is powerless because the sun has turned red. He is aided by Vandal Savage who is the only human left alive as the result of an attempt at world domination staged a few months after Superman’s disappearance. Writer Dwayne McDuffie wrote on his forum that the episode title “Hereafter” is a subtle pun: Part One shows the apparent death of Superman, which according to most religions would send his soul to some sort of “Hereafter.

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