Justice League Season 2 Episode 24 Starcrossed Part 1


You will Watch Justice League Season 2 Episode 24 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Justice League Episode 50 Starcrossed After Earth is attacked by a Gordanian battleship, the League is aided by an army of hawkmen from Hawkgirl's home planet of Thanagar. The Thanagarians offer to help Earth defend against the Gordanians, but Batman discovers that this is just a ruse. Hawkgirl finds herself torn between her allegiance to Thanagar and her allegiance to the Justice League, as well as between her betrothal to the Thanagarian commander Hro Talak and her budding love for Green Lantern John Stewart. (Hro Talak is an anagram for Katar Hol, Hawkman's given name in the comic series). The original Watchtower is destroyed in the climax to this story.

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