Justice League Unlimited Season 3 Episode 11 Ancient History


You will Watch Justice League Unlimited Season 3 Episode 11 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Justice League Unlimited Episode 37 Ancient History The Hawkman story concludes here when Shadow Thief captures Green Lantern, Shayera and Hawkman, then forces them to watch a vision of their past selves developing an ancient society of Egypt with Thanagarian technology. It turns out Shadow Thief is a villain from Carter Hall's mind that was released when he touched the Absorbacron in "Shadow of the Hawk." Hawkman defeats Shadow Thief and leaves. John Stewart, not wanting to have destiny play out his life, does not get back with Shayera, even though the two say they love each other. GL goes back to Vixen, but not before he tells Shayera about Rex Stewart (Warhawk), their alleged future son. In the final scene of the episode, Shayera asks Batman about this future son, but the credits roll before he can answer.

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