K: Return of Kings Episode 1 English Subbed


You are going to Watch K: Return of Kings Episode 1 English subbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime K: Return of Kings Episode 1 Online English sub Knave. The first scene shows a startling introduction of Mikoto, the previous Red King, and HOMRA engaging against SCEPTOR4 and their Blue King, Munakata. When the scene changes a mysterious figure from the Green Clan is shown spying on Kuro and Neko. Then the figure gives an order while identifying as a J level clan member; the highest level clan member within the Green Clan not including the king. The J leveler sends a subordinate to bomb Neko and Kuro. The scene changes again to the Blue Clan's head quarters and through the discussion of the clan members it is discovered that since the bombing Kuro and Neko have gone into hiding. Later, after a disturbing message was broadcast disrespecting the deaths of the former Red King and one of his subordinates, SCEPTOR4 and HOMRA are both lured to a building where the message is being broadcast. A particularly one sided battle ensues. In the alley way behind the building, a lone deserters makes his way out. Kuro and Neko catch him and question him. When he is defeated his phone shows a message; he has been stripped of all points and powers. Seeing this, Kuro deduces that he will gain no answers from someone who never knew them and leaves. The final scene shows Shiro beginning his descent back to the city.

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