Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 2 English Dubbed


Watch full Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 2 English Dubbed streaming online. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 2 English dub online for free in HD. Never-Ending Night Ikoma, discovering that he has stopped the Kabane virus from infecting him, tells his fellow steamsmith Takumi of his success with his bolt gun and anti-virus technique. Meanwhile survivors of the Kabane attack fight a defensive battle within Aragane Station while seeking an opportunity to escape in the Kōtetsujō. Mumei arrives dressed in battle gear and offers to clear the way so Yukina, the sole remaining engineer and an apprentice, can commander the Kōtetsujō. She leaps into the midst of the Kabane and leads them away, killing several in the process. The remaining citizens then rush to board the train. Meanwhile Ikoma and Takumi attempt to board the train with his gun. Mumei detects something different about Ikoma and vouches for him so he can board the Kōtetsujō. Ayame Yomogawa, Kensho's daughter, produces the special key to start the train's engine. Kurusu, one of the bushi, tells Mumei to defend the train's rear, but she refuses and falls asleep. While fending off a Kabane, Ikoma's infected heart is exposed and he is eventually forced off the Kōtetsujō. However, the train is stopped by a malfunction of the drawbridge, and the passengers witness Ikoma killing the Kabane. Lecturing the passengers for their distrust, Ikoma manually releases the drawbridge allowing the train to leave. Despite the bushi's objections, Takumi and Mumei get Ikoma back on the Kōtetsujō. Before Kurusu can kill him, Mumei intervenes and reveals that she and Ikoma are Kabaneri - beings with an existence between humans and Kabane.

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