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Watch full Kaidan Restaurant Episode 13 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kaidan Restaurant Episode 13 English sub streaming online. Path of the Dead : Mirror from the Sea : Nailed Down at Night : Cake. In this episode the meals are presented by the Gastly Widow. Path of the Dead Ako wins a contest and the reward is a trip with her family to a newly renovated seaside bed and breakfast. While on the train, they cheer on how good it will be to eat seafood, and enjoy the newly reopened accommodation. They stand in front of a beautiful house, but then Kouji takes another look at the map, and tells them it's not the place. They arrive at a run-down apartment, and meet the sickly landlady and her husband, who tells her wife to go back to sleep and let him manage this for her. They follow him to the stairs on the squeaky wooden floor, when Anko's mom says she was told that the house was renovated. The landlord tells her that the second floor in deed was, when they added a new room. Anko pouts and murmurs that it's not renovation but construction, but the landlord says that it's a beautiful and clean room that no-one has ever used before them. When they enter the room, Kouji tries to be polite and says it is nice and big, whereas Kazuyo says that the view must be beautiful, too. But when she opens the window, all she sees is a temple and a cemetery. Bunta is hungry, so his dad asks the landlord to prepare dinner, however, he apologizes and gives them coupons, as his wife will not be able to make dinner being this ill. They go out to eat at a restaurant, and while Ako complains about not getting to eat any seafood, Bunta tells her he's just as happy with hamburgers. Kouji returns with bad news; every other accommodation is full, they will have to stay for the night in the apartment. When they return Ako stops for a moment, and sighs. Then someone asks her if her family is staying in that room, and she sees an old monk in black robe approaching. He asks her which room they are staying at, and when Ako points at their room, the monk tells her to leave right away. Ako replies that they have nowhere else to go for the night, the monk offers her to stay at his temple. Ako refuses, but the monk hands her a protective charm saying it will surely come in handy. When they get to sleep, Ako wakes up hearing footsteps. She wakes Bunta up to ask if he had heard them too, but Bunta shrugs her off. The steps are getting louder, and Ako hides under her blanket. Then she starts hearing moans too, and sees white, transparent feet walking in front of her, just to vanish after stepping through something. She tries to hide and stay quiet, but one of the spirits spot her and look under her blanket. Anko throws her blanket off, screaming, and she sees that she's the only one who can move. The uncanny white figures draw closer, and one of them reaches out to Anko. She flails with the charm she got from the monk, repelling them, and then tries to free Bunta who is being dragged by the spirits. She touches everyone with her charm to free their bodies, but they are surrounded. Not being able to touch them, the spirits lift the blanket and start carrying the whole family on top with them, when an angry landlady opens the door. She asks them what they think they are doing to her guests, and tells them to take their hands off of them. She then sees them through an enormous black hole on the wall, bows, and goes through herself. An ambulance is in front of the apartment, and the next day the monk tells the family that the landlady has died. He tells them that they were attacked by the spirits of the dead. He also explains that these grounds were execution sites for prisoners during the Edo era, and the dead have walked the Path of the Dead towards the afterlife ever since. The path starts off from the temple, and heads west from there onwards to the sky. The room they stayed in is obstructing the path, and the monk has warned the owners beforehand. Anko then tells the monk that the landlady walked the path too, and the monk replied that she probably went there to protect them, and, already being severely ill, got dragged into the afterlife. Anko thanks her with gratitude. Mirror from the Sea Anko tells Sho and Reiko at school how their vacation was ruined by crossing paths with the dead, and how she couldn't eat any seafood. Sho then shows her a tale which just sprang into his mind from mentioning the sea. Anko asks if it's a ghost story again, and Sho smiles. The story tells of a cruise ship caught up in a severe storm, which sank near the shore of a village. What remained of the ship, the cargo and the passengers' belongings was washed up on the shore for everyone to take. The villagers collected them, and shared them amongst themselves. While scavenging and salvaging, an old man fished a beautiful mirror out of the sea, and asked the others to let him have it, and take it home for his granddaughter named Sophie, who lost her parents and was raised by him. He got the mirror and put it on Sophie's wall, who was overjoyed. When Sophie was brushing her hair in front of the mirror, she saw water dripping from the glass. She tried to wipe it off with her sleeves, but it kept leaking water. She told her grandfather that it was just as if the mirror was crying endlessly, he replied it must be because of the weather. She replied that it was winter, but her grandpa answered that the weather was a bit different near the coast. That night Sophie saw water spilling through the mirror again. When she started wiping it with a piece of cloth, she saw a ghoulish face flash behind the surface. She dropped the cloth, and the face vanished. The next day Sophie brought home a new dress she had made for the village festival. She wanted to see herself in the mirror, but it became cloudy again. When she tried to wipe the dew away, she once again saw the figure of a woman, but this time, she reached through the mirror and grabbed Sophie's shoulders. Her grandfather came to her rescue, shoving the woman's hands off of her, and grabbed a chair to break the mirror with it, but it flew right through it. The woman began slowly climbing out through the mirror, but then her grandpa threw the mirror face down on the ground, until it stopped shaking. But when they thought they were finally safe, the woman appeared in another mirror above them. She came out of it, and pushed Sophie's grandfather away. While Sophie was looking at him worried, the woman's hand came creeping out of a hand mirror on the ground. She climbed out of it, told Sophie to 'give it back' , and vanished in a strong breeze through the window. When Sophie looked around, the mirror was gone. In the morning they saw a long trail leading from the house towards the sea, and Sophie's grandpa told her it was probably the owner of the mirror, who grew so jealous seeing Sophie's beauty, that she came to take her mirror back. Sho then tells that the same ship is still underwater, while the skeleton of the woman is shown watching herself in the mirror. Reiko exclaims that it's a fictional story and is completely cliché. However, when washing her hands in the bathroom, she sees water drops in the mirror... Nailed Down at Night Anko tells the story of a man, who always took his sweet time returning home. One day he was late again, and decided to take the shortcut through the temple. It was 2 AM, the hour of the Ox, and when he went up the stairs, he heard a loud banging noise. Then he saw a woman wearing three candles on her head nailing a straw doll with a picture on it to the tree. He became frightened and ran home. The next morning he went back to the temple, and told the monk what he saw. They found the doll, and were astonished to find his picture on it. He asked if he was cursed and was going to die, but the monk told him he was in no danger. If someone sees the person putting on the curse, it falls on the caster instead. The man asked 'who would possibly want to curse me', when his phone rang; he was told that his wife died in a heart attack. Ako ends the story by saying Yes, the one nailing the doll and cursing him was none other than his own wife. Ending: Cake A girl named Katarina brought a cake for her grandma, who lived in the forest. However, she got hungry on the way, and ate the cake herself. She put a stone into the basket, gave it to her grandma and ran off. That night, she heard a voice calling out her name. She thought it was her grandma and she was angry, so she hid under her blanket. The voice said 'Katarina, I am standing at the front door.' The front door creaked open. 'Katarina, I am coming up the stairs.' Then the voice said 'Katarina, I am right in front of your room now.' 'Katarina, I am standing at your bed now.' Then Katarina peaked out from under the blankets...

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