Kaidan Restaurant Episode 14 English Subbed


Watch full Kaidan Restaurant Episode 14 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kaidan Restaurant Episode 14 English sub streaming online. Return My Body : Replay. In this episode the meals are presented by Noro-chan and Wara-chan. Return my body One night, Ako noticed a strange wart on her right shoulders. It wasn't painful, but it was growing bigger and bigger steadily. A few days later, Ako wakes up because someone is calling to her; when there apparently is no one else in her room, she calls out to the source of the voice, only to discover that the 'wart' grew a face with her features, and was talking to her. Ako first tries to go through the day without anyone noticing this, but Kicchom keeps barking at her, and Bunta too is curious about her behaviour. She then runs off to school, and later she is seen doing garden duties. When she is grumpy about it, the 'wart' tells her that it is unfair that her classmates force it onto her. Sho shows up right behind her, and when he leaves, the 'wart' remarks how close they are, but a flustered Ako silences it. In class, the teacher is asking who would volunteer for garden duties, and Reiko suggests that Ako should do it again. But the 'wart' speaks up instead of her, refusing to do it and suggesting that everyone takes their turns. Even Mari apologises for leaving it all to Ako, and praises her for standing up to Reiko. When Reiko too acts assertive, Ako praises the 'wart' and they decide to somehow make it work. However, next morning Ako wakes up being the 'wart' on her own shoulder, as the being took over her body. When Kicchom barks again, she hits him, and when her family asks her about not wearing glasses, she says she was 'reborn'. Sho is doing the garden duty that day, and fake Ako flirts with him, and grabs his hand when a bee flies near her. Then she volunteers to solve a problem at the blackboard, and says she will get higher results than Reiko on the next test - if she does, she will become the class president instead. Reiko accepts the challenge, and Ako tries to call out to Sho's subconscious raising his suspicion. At sunset, the being threatens Ako to rub her against a shrine tree, which would make her disappear. In the nick of time, Sho appears and identifies the being as a Jinmensou, or Wartface demon. It then attacks Shou, who releases a bee that stings the demon, popping it off of Ako. Sho tells Ako that he followed her since school, since she was acting weird. He also tells her that as long as she has an unyielding confidence and fighting spirit, it will not be able to come back. Replay Reiko tells the story of a boy, who once played an unusual video game, offering him meals as reward upon completion. He chose Replay Burger, and then the program tells him to say 'Replay' whenever he would like to change something that had just happened. The boy exploits this to the fullest; he rewrites his tests after getting to know all the questions, replays the night if he wanted to sleep more, and rewinds to Sunday countless times to play more football. But one day, he decides to climb atop Ghastly Apartments, an old run-down building. His friend opts out seeing the shabby fire escape, but he goes regardless. But when he steps on the last step, the structure collapses. He says 'Replay', but he cannot wind back past that fateful last step... Reiko ends the story by saying He kept screaming replay how many times, ten thousand, a million, maybe a billion... and he still keeps repeating.. 'Replay'. Ending: The carpenter's wife There was once a castle, and within the castle was a hidden room; it was so secret, that everyone who built it was killed afterwards. The carpenter responsible for building the bridge of the room was buried alive, and his wife became so maddened with grief that she hung herself from the banister. One stormy night, a samurai was crossing the bridge when he heard a quiet voice saying 'Return my husband to me'. The samurai turned towards the voice, and saw a round, glowing object on a banister. He went to take a closer look...

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