Kaidan Restaurant Episode 2 English Subbed


Watch full Kaidan Restaurant Episode 2 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kaidan Restaurant Episode 2 English sub streaming online. The Cat Goes To School : The Path To The Bottomless Pond : Become A Flounder. The meal in this episode is introduced by Bakeneko. The Cat Goes To School During lunch, Ako's classmate, Yoshio, is bullied by other kids because he doesn't like fish or milk, which they pile on his plate in generous helpings. The next morning, Yoshio pretends to be sick, then confesses to his cat, Totto, that he's afraid of being bullied. Meanwhile at school, Yoshio arrives, but he is acting strange. Sho notices weird hairs on Yoshio's chair, and at lunch, he shows none of his hate for fish and milk; rather, he wolfs the fish down as fast as he can, then pours the milk into a saucer and proceeds to drink it by lapping at it with his tongue. The bullies tell him to cut it out, whereupon Yoshio rips open their aprons, threatening them to never bully him again. He then runs away, and Sho and Ako follow him. He leaps over a wall, but behind it, Sho and Ako find Totto. They visit Yoshio at home, and Yoshio tells them that he had been home all day... The Path To The Bottomless Pond Ako and her family go to visit her grandparents in the town where her father lived when he was little. While there, he promises to take Bunta to the pond where he used to fish. He goes visiting some of his old friends, one of which relates the old story about Kenji Asada, a boy their age who drowned in the pond while fishing, and how you could still hear him calling for help. On the way home, Ako's father gets caught in the rain. He decides to take the shortcut through the forest, which takes him by the pond. At the pond, he hears a voice cry out for help. He panics and runs back home, where the family is looking for Bunta, who has gone missing. They say he may have gone fishing alone. Ako's father, realizing his grave mistake, rushes back to the pond. He finds Bunta in the tall grass at the pond's edge. Bunta says he was fishing when he slipped and fell into the pond. He was then pushed back ashore by a boy wearing a name tag that says "Asada"... Become A Flounder Ako tells the story of a girl, Midori, who came across a cursed doll. If you wanted to hurt someone, you could stick a pin in the doll and bury it while saying the person's name. Midori remembered the girl who sat next to her in class, Kanaya, who would always sneak glances at Midori's notes. Midori relates this side-glancing to a flounder, which has two eyes on the side of its head, so she buried the doll, wishing Kanaya would become a flounder. From the next day on, Kanaya was absent from class. One day, when Midori is helping at the shop, a flounder speaks to her, and Midori knows it is Kanaya. Kanaya then turns Midori into a flounder, which Midori's father then cuts up into sashimi. Ako ends the story by saying the flounder you had for dinner tonight could have been somebody too ...

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