Kaidan Restaurant Episode 4 English Subbed


Watch full Kaidan Restaurant Episode 4 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kaidan Restaurant Episode 4 English sub streaming online. Spirited Away : The Elder At Well's End : The White Muffler. The meals in this episode are introduced by Kappa. Spirited Away Ako and Sho visit Yamazakura shrine and find Yuma and Takuma playing video games there. They taunt Ako, implying that she and Sho are a couple. Yuma discards an empty water bottle at the yorishiro, which punishes him by causing him to vanish. Ako's mother receives a call later that night from Mrs. Ishimoto, saying that Yuma hasn't returned. Ako, along with Yuma's parents, other classmates, and the police, search the temple grounds. Meanwhile, Yuma wakes up in the yorishiro's high branches and sees the search going on. He tries to call them, but they don't respond, and when he tries to grab Takuma, he passes through him. The search breaks up and everyone goes home. Yuma tries to follow them, but a barrier prevents him from leaving the shrine grounds. Then the yorishiro tells him he must clean the whole grounds if he wants to return home. The next day, Ako and Sho return to the shrine and find a sullen Takuma. They realize that Yuma might be spirited away, and Yuma shakes the tree's branches, revealing he is there. Later, they find him slumped against the trunk. He is overjoyed, then fervently cleans the shrine once more, afraid that me might get spirited away again... The Elder At Well's End Ako sees an old woman near a sealed well while passing a construction area. She flees and returns with Sho, and the two meet up with Reiko. Sho digs up a stone next to the well, which conceal a pile of sutras. The old woman appears and tells her story while Sho records on his camcorder. She tells the story of Hanako, a young girl who is worked by her stepmother, who spoils her stepsister. One day, the girl drops her stepmother's precious plate down a well, and is told to go into the well to retrieve it. She climbs down the well, and at the bottom she finds a vast meadow with a small house. Inside the house, the old woman asks her to help get rid of her lice, and the girl agrees. She returns the dish, and gives her an elegant kimono. She tells her stepmother about the old woman, who sends her stepsister,Takeko down the well to get all of the old woman's treasures. The woman asks the stepsister to help get rid of her lice, which she refuses to do, and the woman slams the window shut. The stepmother goes down the well to find her daughter, but falls. The old woman then causes the well to collapse, crushing them. The old woman requests that Ako, Sho, and Reiko give the property a proper exorcism. They pass the message to the property owner, who disregards the request, since the old woman had disappeared from the camcorder's footage... The White Muffler Reiko tells the story of a woman stitching a muffler on a balcony. She asks Reiko if there is such thing as "the perfect crime". She tells her about a woman who grew to hate her husband, so she asked a swamp hag for advice on how to get rid of him. She says to plant silk seeds during the full moon, water the seeds during the full moon, extract the fabric during the full moon, knit a robe during the full moon, and give the robe to her husband during the full moon. She did all of this, and her husband disappeared the next day. The woman says this is "the perfect crime", and says she just finished knitting her muffler. Reiko ends the story by saying That night, there really was a full moon...

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