Kaidan Restaurant Episode 7 English Subbed


Watch full Kaidan Restaurant Episode 7 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kaidan Restaurant Episode 7 English sub streaming online. Lady Car : Tatty : Bells From The After-Life. The meals in this episode are introduced by an Okiku doll. Lady Car Ako hears from her classmates a rumor about a lady, who is said to appear on a certain overpass at night, ask children what their favorite number is, and would throw them off the overpass if certain conditions aren't met. That same night Ako is sent to throw the garbage out. She meets the ghost woman who tells her to pick a number. Ako is then forced to play her game, and is told that if the fourth car to pass through is not a semi, or one passes before the fourth, she will kill her. She also tells her she wants Ako to keep her son, Takeshi company, who died in a traffic accident when he fell off the overpass and was hit by a truck. Ako has bad luck, but before she could push her off, Takeshi appears to take his mother with him to the afterlife. Tatty The class makes dolls out of clay when Sho, after getting praised, says that dolls might host a soul or spirit, so he hast to do his best making them. Then Sensei tells the class of the time when she was in college and had a clay doll, Taachan, who was left in her apartment from an earlier tenant. However, Taachan had a will on her own, and a love story unfolded. Bells From The After-Life Sho tells the story of two girls from school, who decide to ring bells when one dies ahead of the other, to tell each other that the afterlife exists. One year later one of them dies in a car accident. At her funeral the best friend offers incense, when she hears a bell ringing. Everyone at the funeral can hear the same bell. The girl believes her friend has kept her promise and that there is an afterlife. However the sound of the bell grows louder and overbearing, as if she was being desperate to escape. Sho ends the story by saying What kind of world awaits us in the afterlife?

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