Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Episode 13 Thrill of the Hunt


Watch full Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Episode 13 online full HD online. Cartoon video Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Episode 13 online for free in HD. Thrill of the Hunt. Len begins to doubt himself after being unable to vent Thrust and Sting. Chris begins to wonder who is telling him the truth and who isn't following his battle with Wing Knight. After Kit saves a woman and vents a mirror monster, Drew approaches him looking for help but Kit refuses and the two fight. Chris shows up and talks to Maya who tries to get him to help. Kit gains the upper hand and forces Drew to retreat. Len and Brad face off again. Drew's backstory is finally revealed including how he met Xaviax and became a Kamen Rider. Kit returns from Ventara and teams up with Chris to defeat a mirror monster. They then head off to help Len while JTC catches up with Drew.

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