Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Episode 26 Kamen Rider Wrath


Watch full Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Episode 26 online full HD online. Cartoon video Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Episode 26 online for free in HD. Kamen Rider Wrath. The secret agents continue to watch Kit's apartment and the bookstore. Kase apologizes to Kit who then leaves to visit his father and is followed. Both Maya and Trent feel betrayed by Lacey but forgive her before Maya realizes she must warn Kit. Xaviax uses his powers to enter Wrath's body so he can use his armor. Lacey disguises Maya so that she can leave to warn the others. After talking with his father Kit is kidnapped by two agents. Wrath and Strike hold Trent and Lacey hostage in the bookstore. Maya arrives at the hospital but doesn't find Kit. Len and Kase go to the bookstore and fight Wrath and Strike but have to retreat. Kit is taken to a secret government facility and thrown in a cell.

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